When Dilly Met Dally, an interview with Elizabeth Mikesch

eliz for interview nyc blur pic

Elizabeth is the co-founder of Brest Press. She lives in Detroit.

Brenna Nicoler

here’s a wiki thing I found

W writer Christopher Bagley reports that West’s creative process often bordered on perfectionist. In March 2013, West described the album to Bagley as near completion, only to revise this statement one month later to “[the album is] only 30 percent complete.”[5] West made several last-minute alterations to Yeezus, enlisting Rick Rubin as an executive producer for additional recording mere days before its release; changes included re-recording whole songs and rewriting entire verses.[11] For several days in late May and early June 2013, West and a “rotating group of intimates, collaborators and hangers-on” holed up at Rubin’s Shangri-La Studio in Malibu in service of completing the record.[4] Rubin thought it impossible to meet the deadline and all involved ended up working long hours with no days off in order to complete the record. The rough cut West played Rubin, originally with 16 tracks, ran nearly three and a half hours long.[12] West’s orders to Rubin were to take the music in a “stripped-down minimal direction”, often removing elements already recorded. Rubin gave as example “Bound”, which was “a more middle of the road R&B song, done in an adult contemporary style” before Kanye decided to replace the musical backing with a minimalistic sample, “a single note baseline in the hook which we processed to have a punk edge in the Suicide tradition.” Two days before the album had to be delivered to the label, West wrote and sung lyrics to two songs while also recording the vocals to three others in just two hours.[13] Rubin also suggested to reduce the album from sixteen songs to just ten, saying the others could be reserved for a follow-up.[14]

Brenna Nicoler
i sort of harken back to when we were writing twat-lite scripts together
it felt how this article describes

Elizabeth Mikesch
dude yeah!
my internet got really slow and weird

Brenna Nicoler
that’s fine
i don’t know who is kanye and who is rick rubin
i think you’re rubin probably
he has this white mansion

Elizabeth Mikesch
is he fat?
I’m rubin.
I’m a large man inside

Brenna Nicoler
he has a white mansion where artists go to make cool stuff

Elizabeth Mikesch
i’m a man that is gonna like hug you after the funeral if you keep a plate of sandwiches nearby
hug everyone

Brenna Nicoler
i have the romantic track record akin to west, so
wouldn’t you agree

Elizabeth Mikesch
i dunno!
i’m so behind on celeb gossip

Brenna Nicoler
i’m sort of joking
he’s a serial monogamist…working on reformation tho
that’s apt

Elizabeth Mikesch
I feel like his house would have such an intense feeling

Brenna Nicoler
were it a artist hideout?
i mean you’ve started something like that with zan’s book
and your vision boards and basement office next to the furnace

Elizabeth Mikesch

setting intentions

wanna know what I covet?

this greek girl’s emojis

Brenna Nicoler
i was really surprised by how quickly things came together with brest press

Elizabeth Mikesch
I’m not!
we’re on it!

Brenna Nicoler
you covet all emojis
my emojis zan’s emojis

Elizabeth Mikesch
they actually all make me laugh so hard
like they cause delight in my heart
anything but language

Brenna Nicoler
i know i’ve never seen someone so amused by them
maybe kathleen
kathleen says i communicate very well via emojis

Elizabeth Mikesch
you do
the stand-in

Brenna Nicoler
i don’t know i think the least about it
i do it for my friends’ reactions i love them

Elizabeth Mikesch
yeah, it’s a gift

Brenna Nicoler
like you and cooking
and errands

Elizabeth Mikesch
just wanna hug people through traumas and run errands
when I run errands, I feel like I’m swimming

Brenna Nicoler
your hug made that poem “tiny snowstorm in my ribcage”
your hugs getting folks thru

Elizabeth Mikesch
I have my scorps in my dining room

Brenna Nicoler
you do i felt important when i saw my poem on your wall

Elizabeth Mikesch
scorps are important

Brenna Nicoler
i didn’t want to look at my poem all framed

Elizabeth Mikesch
and they’ll let you know, too

they just exude importance

except for this one I slept with one time
in my youth

Brenna Nicoler
you exude errands

Elizabeth Mikesch
i exude leaving

Brenna Nicoler
you exude multiple missions
that’s not the same as leaving

Elizabeth Mikesch
psychically with
but physically gone
is my favorite & longing

Brenna Nicoler
which is a lot of why we can work together from afar

Elizabeth Mikesch

Brenna Nicoler
never once did i feel left out of the proceedings
i felt sad because i couldn’t see all that you guys were seeing
but not like i wasn’t apart of it
and vibraphone is
it just is

Elizabeth Mikesch
I really love it
I really love manifesting
especially if it’s for someone else
it’s a reason to live

Brenna Nicoler
is that why you love editing so much

Elizabeth Mikesch
and looking for sounds
or seeking sounds
that others dont hear

Brenna Nicoler
vibraphone would have been a yearlong project for some

Elizabeth Mikesch
they overthink it

Brenna Nicoler
you think that’s all it is

Elizabeth Mikesch
i do!
you have instincts
you have to lead with your vag

Brenna Nicoler
but it was a special case
zan was ready
you were ready
i was ready

Elizabeth Mikesch
it helps to be open
and to be like
who knows wtf i’m gonna do later
because I feel like that makes you take more risks
than if you’re like
MAKING yourself do something

Brenna Nicoler
i think it’s quite cool that each of the poems in vibraphone feeling like they are happening for the first time with each reading

Elizabeth Mikesch

Brenna Nicoler
a lot happens in those two sentencers
but not in a packed in there way
in an unpacked, hanging around the door kind of way

Elizabeth Mikesch
I want shit to be natural that we do
sometimes people have a cool thing
but then they crowd it with exposition or tumblr vibes

Brenna Nicoler
go on about tumblr vibes

Elizabeth Mikesch
it’s so hard to explain
dead people?

Brenna Nicoler
do you mean when they have too much self-concept clogging the thing

Elizabeth Mikesch
yeah or like
when life is a selfie

Brenna Nicoler
even a blurry selfie

Elizabeth Mikesch

Brenna Nicoler
i hope every project is like the little note your cousin eric left in his sketchbook
like giving himself these gentle instructions on how to be woo’d by the lady he’s into

Elizabeth Mikesch
yeah it was so cool
when I do projects, I want to be in my high school bedroom mindset

Brenna Nicoler
you’re a longtime longer

Elizabeth Mikesch
reading little kid poems about love
they’re so awesome
here’s some real talk for you
“Love sounds like Oink, Moo, Pwaaa, Bwwaahhh, and ice cream bells.
Love does not sound like soft crying, sadness, cars honking, anger, and snoring.”

Brenna Nicoler
except it does sound like snoring

Elizabeth Mikesch
i feel resentment mixed in with love when snoring happens

Brenna Nicoler
i’m afraid that venus in sagittarius means you’re mistress selling girlfriend (2chains rap lyric)

Elizabeth Mikesch
ooh that’s sharp
i love this one kid’s poem

Love sounds like when I sit on my dad’s lap

And hear a bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump so hard

And I tell my dad that I hear his heart doing bump a lot of times,

And when he talks I hear his voice,

And the voice vibrates to my ear,

And I hear it so loud.

Brenna Nicoler
jack gilbert says it perfectly
he goes on about starting to feel love and not wanting the responsibility and then watching the flies begin at it

Elizabeth Mikesch
the flies begin at it
is his line?

Brenna Nicoler

Elizabeth Mikesch
i’m like a firecracker/ I make it hot
said Britney Spears

“Love love love thud goes the plunger” said Beckett

Brenna Nicoler
you showed me that poem first
i tried recording it over the summer
it’s a very embarrassing track

Elizabeth Mikesch

no it’s meant for silence

it’s meant for the page

Brenna Nicoler
i did it one night at like 4am when i was working overnight
for the hotel
i didn’t know that yet

Elizabeth Mikesch
yeah that’s a good place to be
reading that there
for sure

Brenna Nicoler
i’ve been learning that a lot  like what’s for the page and what’s for performance…

as in what lies on it’s back not moving very much but affective and what needs to spring up and twirl you around

Elizabeth Mikesch
i was trying to explain that
but then i fucked up

Elizabeth is typing…


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