coveting = not evil, an interview with zan de parry

coveting = not evil

an interview with zan de parry

covet stance

credit: “covet stance” by zan


brenna; who is a morgan?

zan: just got blood in some broad’s mojito lem holler after work

b: cherry snow-cone emoticon

z: a Morgan is a Taylor, started off as kinda like a Blair or Blaine but wasn’t tryna make people sick

b: it’s a name that belongs to a button nose someone who says i used to go out a lot before the baby

z: my sister dated an army nurse morgan who drove a purple prizm and got her into jimmy eat world

b: they have this song called no sensitivity i think because my sis in law was all about it had this line like i’m taking my kisses back from youuuuuuu

z: aha they were shredders i think the first cd i bought online was jimmy’s chicken shack nm jimmie

b: i think they also had a jam called 23 where they lament like they won’t always want selfish things but idk what selfish things are really? at 23?

z: i was reeaallly selfless at 23

b: what are the symptoms?

z: i was number one on for entire u of m campus a while too i kept ordering

b: what does that mean!

z: bet i’m still top 100 i ordered most food from online food delivery aggregate campusfood had a list of all the joints in town made it easy

c’mon ma… campus food?

b: i went to eastern where it was like card swipe card swipe swoop far as food did you feel in cahoots with some stores more than others?

z: i like mr spots bc of the onion rings big as fuck

b: doesn’t big food feel like a person cares? “i made this for YOU”

z: it does! elizabeth and i were talking about the unexpected egg. buhh! the largesse! it’s an ongoing thing

b: yeah when that burger came towards me at roast….

z: grubhub has purchased campusfood …

b: grubhub sounds more for visiting parents

z: yea that egg is like an eye whose other can only be winking

b: can you wink?

z: yeah but in a way that bends my other eye or wrinkles it not in any independent way

b: unsure winks are more genuine a good winker is usually….

z:  stalker emoticon has anyone ever asked you if you can smile?

b: oh yeah but it’s more like “why don’t you smile?”

z: some sharky broad on valentine’s day asked me can you smile twice then two loads drew a smile on a receipt and asked if i can do it

b: sounds like a girl named kat

z: i think bianca or maybe lena

b: bianca out in the world longing for ornaments

z: you’re an ornament and you’re an ornament

b: a store of ornaments like Bronner’s

z: it’s wild in there! went once after Zehnder’s

b: open 363 days a year???

z: I DONT FUCKING KNOW i farted so many times in mr. ediger’s class one day he made me call my dad i was like, dude, sorry, dad reminds me because he took us to Zhender’s and then Bronner’s

b: it’s almost like you were fact-checking Dad, I am your son and these bowels come from your line

z: he was busy i think he just kept going

b: funny how you can see those punishments now like, call your dad okay! called!

z: yo i’ll call my dad watch it’s ring WHATUP peace

b: dear old dads in your poems too grandson era

z: i never want to leave

b: me neither all the perks

z: lots of chill time

b: did your grandparents have a king-sized bed?

z: oma and opa had two untouching beds and dandy and grammasha i think had one with a little tv in front

b: satellite tv?

z: dude i think yeah

b: did you oscillate between many channels?

z: yea watched braveheart and meet me in st. louie so i guess satellite wasn’t really involved

b: did you have your snacks there?

z: dude didn’t have many snacks in that house just damn huge meals uncle would leave steaming biscuits and gravy and bacon and eggs on a plate by my face before i was up and when i was o boy

b: like on the table beside the bed?

z: wood table front of couch so badass

b: lots of blankets if a blanket isn’t heavy it’s not a pile of cool pets crushing you to sleep

z: unless it read damn cold i don’t like the blankets less it’s that one that i held out the window on the road

b: i tucked someone’s brain into a twin bed then was cry-like there’s never room for two unless you both sleep on your sides

z: you want a king bed

b: not even for the status on a king there’s parts where you have a bed to yourself and parts where there’s another there

z: that’s right parts still cool parts… unknown

b: cool parts important not imported what do you know about vibraphones?

z: i don’t know shit think it’s an electric xylophone elevator stuff

b: listen to this

z: okay

b: “also known as the vibraharp or simply the vibes”

z: o fuck yea “the vibes” is cool the word vibraphone is really blessed to me

b: go on

z: the phone is time, the vibra is sex. the sound the instrument makes is really bad frasier but the word is thermal as fuck

b: i sent you autumn leaves on the vibraphone bc of birth times!

z: was reading sarki and his words he had them in him and they spilled it felt like the first time for both of us i need to check that dude on my email?

b: yeah on ur email

z: first time for both like it was his experience for me reading his words

b: like a little designed sun hour

z: yes! an airplane banner goin by it’s wicked. enjoy the short stuff

b: in vibraphone i read this hope of time not taking up too much space while also reading there a knowing of just how much space is taken up little blisters covering the bottom of a vacationer’s feet but having a good time regardless

z: that’s cool. aha! i guess that the way she goes. thinking of them as little blisters is great! or a big toe nail that’s made fun of for being so small like why would you wear sandals but it’s all good if you’re wearing sandals

b: feet breathing! i wanted to find a way to say something about the book in your hand the colors of the flowers feel like wallpaper taken from a room where you’re in love and that’s the only room you got but ya can’t live there

z: hm i think that they’re cold. and light doesn’t do much to them. and someone is sick nearby. yea i’d agree does the face feel like it’s on the wall too?

b: yeah! it feels like “fuck was i there i was really there” covet stance!

z: aw scorp lots

b: ha! coveting isn’t an evil activity

z: hell yea

b: cuz it’s about taking under yeah but it’s about safekeeping more and like careful knowing

z: yes yes! we covet friends but with friends you can tell when it’s not going to happen which is bad but helpful

b: you can tell by the sharpness and in the sentences

z: or once one has been coveted so strongly by another the coveting is mutual and indestructible

b: isn’t that the good one when the coveting is mutual?

z: that the good one if you’re one of the two

b: or no if it can’t have distance? do you mean if one person is the coveted and one is the coveteer?

z: the distance in coveting is all physical, it doesn’t really matter i think or they both kind of become both it’s about types i guess?

b: i think there has to be space where roles change depending on who needs what at the time

z: yea the egg need be held

b: does it ever!

z: before eatin or prayed to or w/e

b: but the egg gotta boil too gotta be let boil

z: met an egger yesterday who puts bands around his hens whatever for small eggs

b: oh no afraid of the large hatch

z: choke the chicken for a tighter product

b: used to be that kind i think

z: which

b: like into that dynamic well both when you do those chokeholds

z: taking stuff away or adding stuff on feels unnatural

b: it’s the worry plans

z: i think it’s cause you can see the seam whether anyone else can it is worry

good to have a great friend’s head on it so the seam can be shared

less worry more party

b: like take a pic of me eating this huge steak

z: fun not to feel guilt but can’t

b: i tend to wander into the weighty admit i need help there!

z: sardines

b: packed into a lil box going into the same mouth

z: if i’m lucky!

b: you’re luck

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